INTERIORS: You've got years of cherished forgotten artwork piled in your basement. You've got a salt and pepper collection that needs displaying. You've got a room that simply needs tweaking. And you definitely have some stuff that has to go away.  We all do! These all fall under the craft of STYLING and I can help with all these things and with no judgement. I'll help make your treasures or just needed daily life things, feel right and look great and get the spotlight they deserve. 

PHOTO SHOOTS + PRINT COPY: Photo shoots are expensive and tedious. But the results are worth it, necessary and take an eagle eye to get the best shot. I'm meticulous at making sure a camera can express a room or objects at their best. I take the time to consider the project thoughtfully, keeping the intention of the project in mind, so as best to convey the feeling and meaning of work at hand. I work well with a team and always respect another professionals' opinion, firmly believing that collaboration begets the best outcome! 

EVENTS + OBJECTS: Special occasions should be just that - special! The details of an event put together create an environment and experience that can make an event memorable and unique. Creatively approaching a space and adding texture and elements that make is meaningful is a "art + craft problem" I simply love solving. I thrive at using unexpected objects to create installations with movement and depth. I have a keen sense of proportion and negative space and put them to use in all I make. 


Hourly Billing

  • For Styling on-site reworking of rooms, collection design- scaping, editing of space, etc. 
  • For all Photo Shoot + Time/Travel expenses.
  • For all Event design installation or meetings. 

Flat Rate

  • For Event design schemes, fabrication of projects, objects, flowers, etc. 



 Love the art of arrangement.